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    Get the full story of Warcraft and Warlords of Draenor 

    The story of Warcraft is large, if I’m in the mood to be understating the real truth. If you feel overwhelmed by the decades of lore that Blizzard’s built up around the game and have only scratched the surface of who did what and why this is here, then we have a way to help you get a handle on it all.

    In just a little over 40 minutes, an annotated video covers the highlights of the entire Warcraft timeline and universe. Even without going into great depth, it’s an excellent crash course for the aspiring loremaster. It’s too bad you don’t get an achievement once you’ve mastered it! You can give it a watch after the break.

    • Warcraft has a pretty damn big story behind it and in this video I’m going to tell you the global story from start to finish. See this as a beginners guide to lore and if you want more details, check out the playlist linked below. Hope you’ll enjoy the video!
    • In this video we talk about pretty much all the lore that we already know about Warlords of Draenor. It’s a whole bunch of information so if you prefer individual episodes, check this description.
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    The daily Q&A column of World of Warcraft – Jul 20th 2014 

    Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) is answering all kinds of questions today.

    It’s Sunday! And there are plenty of questions to answer, so let’s just hop into them.


    Ethan815 asked:


    Q4tQ (but mostly for the readers): What is your favorite track from each of the WoW soundtracks?


    I’m not going to list every track I love from every expansion, but the track above is one I’ve had stuck in my head recently.


    Holycaller asked:


    QFTQ. Can someone please explain why we are supposed to take the Iron horde as a threat? At least the last time they invaded they were backed up by the largest and most experienced military force in the universe.


    They’ve got some big guns in their arsenal. Far, far bigger than the small pieces we’ve seen so far. Oh so very much larger.


    MusedMoose asked:


    Question for the Queue: what hair colors would you like to see added to the new models?


    I guess it depends on the race, doesn’t it? I don’t really have any particular colors in mind when I ask for more variety — I’d just like to see an array of them. Heck, give us a slider to pick our own, as far as I’m concerned! Or just open up all available hair colors currently in game to all races. Why not?


    TrollingAzeroth asked:


    “Our” Rexxar….or “their” Rexxar?”


    He is most definitely not our Rexxar! And that island isn’t the only place you run into him. I’m ridiculously pleased about that, because I love Rexxar, even if he isn’t our Rexxar, technically speaking.


    Arthonos asked:


    Q4tQ: Do you like the current model of 3 raid tiers per expansion, or would you prefer more? On one hand you would have more content, which in this current drought sounds perfect, but on the flip side you risk people getting tired of being in one location for too long.


    I think pacing content by raid tier is probably not the best idea in the world. But I don’t think that having three raid tiers per expansion is really a bad thing — it’s a matter of spacing the raids and patches out. We got a lot of patches very quickly early on in Mists, and now we have a very, very, very long stretch with nothing at all. I don’t think it had anything to do with the raid tiers so much as just the patches themselves — they could have been space out a little more effectively.


    lib.feathers asked:


    Q4tQ: Do you think we’ll see some real improvements to the “boys’ trip” thing, or are we stuck with the girls-got-cooties routine for WoD? I finally found Draka in the beta, and what does she get to do? Blow a horn. Are they serious?


    There are a lot of really cool ladies this expansion. And a lot of cool dudes, too, but in no way have I felt, playing through beta so far, like this was some sort of testosterone-laden boy’s trip. Not in the slightest. Keep playing, you’ll see.


    Sleuth asked:


    A. Is there any better picture on exactly how “required” garrisons are in WoD? B. Is the expectation that we’ll all be hanging out solo in our garrison waiting for queues to pop?


    It’s hard to give a real answer to that, because we aren’t at a point where we can even get to max level on the beta, yet. At the moment, I’m not finding myself feeling constrained or limited by my garrison — it’s something I flit back and forth between as I’m questing. It’s integrated into the questing, as in there are quests that deliberately involve messing around with my garrison, but it doesn’t feel like some sort of requirement or grind, it’s something that goes on in the background while I’m doing my other stuff.


    Will it feel like that when I’m max level? I honestly couldn’t tell you. But it’s absolutely nothing at all like the farm system in Mists, where you visited it every day and harvested crops and messed around with busywork. This is on a much larger scale, you get a lot of cool stuff from it, sending followers on missions is pretty entertaining, and I feel much more like I’m in command of something substantial, instead of just a peon running around doing poop quests.


    I like it. The main reason I like it is because it encourages me to go do other stuff. At no point do I feel obligated to sit around in my garrison, at all. Even construction takes time to do — buildings take an hour to build at the moment, so while they’re doing that whole construction thing, I can go do something else. I don’t feel like I have to sit there and hover — I can go do whatever I’d like to be doing. It breaks up the feeling of endless questing in a really fun way.


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    Practical Leveling up Tips in Archeage 

    See more at:

    We know ArcheAge is a high degree of freedom game, not only have up to 120 kinds of classes you can choose, but also have a wide variety of leveling ways in ArcheAge online game. Beside fighting, you also can choose planting, watering, breeding and housing to make your characters leveling fast, what’s more, there is a unique design of attractive quest rewards waiting for you. You can choose what leveling ways you like to become a high-level player. Ok, let me talk about the various interesting leveling mode in ArcheAge.


    1. Fighting

    The simplest leveling way is fighting. Not only get some experience, even gain various equipments and props. This is also the most traditional way to leveling.

    2. Gathering

    The crafting skill is a very important part of ArcheAge. You need various materials no matter your used them to improve your equipment or build yourself boats and houses. So you should gather materials whiling leveling, gain leveling experience, even the related gathering experience.

    3. Housing

    Unique housing and planting system in ArcheAge, find a beautiful paradise to plants your trees and build a manor if you are peace-loving. Another, housing and planting also can be upgraded.

    4. Ships

    In ArcheAge you can purchase or gathering some materials to create your watercraft, small boats and large vessels. It is very interesting that driving your ship in the ocean, increase your experience to make you fast leveling. Very cool.

    5. Over-done the Quest

    There are two quest mode you can see in your complete quest, “done” and “over-done”. If you kill the monsters’ number more than the specified number in your quest, will display “over-done” and less than the numbers, will “done”. If you over-done the quest, can get more experience. Notice that with your leveling in later, the quest will more and more less, so if each quest do the “over-done” will maximize efficiency.


    6. Processing

    Once you gathering some materials, can put these materials were produced. Not only you can get the higher equipments, but also gain the experience in processing.

    7. Switch faction

    You will find the quests has decreased after leveling to a certain stage. You should go to the enemy faction in this time. Some difficult materials and quests will be easy to find in the enemy faction you can find.


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    ArcheAge Cash Shop Marketplace Movement in Patch 1.2 

    Source from:

    In the latest ArcheaAge update adds a massive red dragon, new pets, cash shop and more a couple of days ago on the Alpha, of which the Expansion Scrolls for bags / bank also on hot sale now in ArcheAge cash shop marketplace. Now the price of expansion scrolls only need 300 Credits (Below).

    ArcheAge Cash Shop Marketplace Opened Up in Patch 1.2

    Cash Shop is a real money store, you can free to browse the wares in a real life market and complete with full displays of the merchandise. If you are not satisfied with your character’s appearance, where re-set by Salon and Gender in the top of your character, of course, you also can buy Labor potion, various beautiful Ally’s Wings, custom clothing and so on. If you are rich, also can click “Gift”, put your items presented to your friend. You purchased ArcheAge items can received by Mail system directly.


    Are cash shop items tradeable? Guildie reporting that tax certs and labor pots are on the AH, so some are at least. What’s more, they can be gifted. Another, if you spend all Credits money you have, it will reset and will have back all the credits your spend during Alpha and Closed Beta at Launch.


    For the Cash Shop Marketplace on the line in ArcheAge update, many players worry that the cash shop will destroyed the balance of ArcheAge online, in fact, there will not sell any items to undermine the balance of game. If you want to say it is unbalanced about one player has 200 cells of bags while you just only 50 cells, personal do not know what to say to you, after all this is a free game, the main source of income is from the purchase of the game’s micro-currency to operate the game more better.


    OK, if are still not clear this ArcheAge Cash Shop Market, share a good and hot video about the first impressions of ArcheAge Cash Shop by Pohx Kappa player, hope can help you and know more this cash shop store. Enjoy the ArcheAge online game!

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    Mysterious portal appears in Warlords of Draenor Stormwind 

    Refer to:

    The latest beta build for Warlords of Draenor brought with it an odd anomaly with no explanation as of yet. A mysterious portal has appeared behind the mage tower in Stormwind City, one that bears a striking resemblance to every Emerald Dream portal we’ve ever seen present in game. At this time, there are no NPCs or anything present to indicate exactly what’s up with the portal, however there is no Orgrimmar counterpart — this is unique to Stormwind.

    Mysterious portal appears in Warlords of Draenor Stormwind

    There’s a few possibilities here. The most obvious is that this is somehow related to the Stormwind repairs mentioned last month on Twitter by Cory Stockton. After all, if you’re going to fix a park, druid intervention sounds like a good plan, right? The other option is that this is somehow related to Draenor — and those wild vines have the look of some of the savage greenery found on Draenor, while the tents have the same purple color as used by some of the orc clans. This seems sort of unlikely at this point, largely because there is no Orgrimmar counterpart.


    While we don’t know what exactly the portal is for, it’s still cool to see additions and changes being made to Azeroth right alongside all the gorgeous new vistas and scenery we’re checking out on Draenor. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of NPC’s pop up around the portal, or how exactly it’s implemented as more beta builds are released. But for now, those hoping that this might be some sign of a future full-out Emerald Dream expansion — I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    For Leveling up your wow level all on

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    You will Get New Toys in Warlords of Draenor 

    Warlords of Draenor

    Although we don’t know if the holiday itself will be getting a facelift in Warlords of Draenor, it looks like fans of Hallow’s End will be getting some new toys to play with in the next expansion. Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel posted on Twitter this week with a question for players: If they could dress up like one major lore figure for Hallow’s End, who would they choose? A later tweet suggested he had found whatever answer he was looking for.

    Jeremy Feasel Tweet

    In-game holidays have long been a source of fun and sometimes frustration for players. Certainly the events are an entertaining diversion, but when you’ve seen the same event roll around year after year with no changes or updates, it tends to make the seasons seem a little monotonous. A new costume wand reward might not be the full revamp players have been hoping for, but at least it signifies that in-game holidays are still very much on the minds of the development team.

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